Mirador is our automated Call Center monitoring service that makes sure your speech or DTMF IVR systems are up and running and perform as expected.

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Flexible configuration

Using Mirador flexible schedules, you can have your IVR system called every 10 minutes or every hour depending on your needs and budget. Mirador can validate your system greeting message or perform a full transaction. Several services or transactions can be monitored.

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Instant notifications

Receive real-time alerts when the application is not responding or does not perform as expected.

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Periodic reports

Get a snapshot report of the current service state. Analyze your service availability and performance for any hour, day, or month in the past year.

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Mirador's ability to detect even minor degradations is very important because it makes it possible to take prompt action upon notification and therefore avoid that a small problem degrades into a much more serious one if nothing is done.

Sam Aparicio, Co-Founder, COO Ringio, USA